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Essential Oils Old Remedies for a New Age

Wednesday March 20th 1 and 6pm

Interested in learning more about Essential Oils? Looking for facts on how essential oils can better the mind body and spirit? Are you tired of going to workshops anticipating to learn more about aromatherapy but instead receive a sales pitch?

If so join us check out AromaCourses at Main Street Massage.

Drew Moss, Certified Aromatherapist and Holistic Health Practitioner, has organized a series of brand neutral courses designed to help you learn more about Aromatherapy and all of the ways it can benefit you and your family. 

We be covering what they are, How they work, & safe yet effective usage answering the common question of How do I use essential oils? And why am I using them this way?

What does brand neutral mean? 
Drew does not advocate for any certain brand of essential oils. There are a He does have his personal favorites but in professional aromatherapy, the focus should be on safely and effectively using the oils, not on debating what company is the best. The goal is to highlight safe and effective usage allowing you to choose the brand(s) that best resonates with you.


Join us Wednesday March 20th at 6pm
Or Saturday March 23rd at 11am for Essential Oils: Old Remedies for a New Age. Cost is $10 at the door