Our Journey

Main Street Massage opened in 2011. What started as a one woman vision quickly blossomed into Siouxlands Collaborative Wellness Center. Read our story below

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Helens Story

Since I was a young girl, I've had a gift for massage. After over 15 years at the Post Office and 2 shoulder surgeries I knew I needed a new line of work. I was determined to make my passion in to a full time profession I decided to pursue proper education, graduated and then challenged pushed myself into opening my own business, Main Street Massage and Wellness Center. That was back in 2011 how time flies!  

 As the owner of one Siouxland's most popular integrative health practices, I've faced many challenges and over came lots of obstacles . I consider it to be a absolute pleasure and blessing to be able to give my clients what they need to help their bodies heal on the road to natural wellness. I consider it a great honor and  privilege to have them place their trust in me. In order to continue serving my clients I continue to study and learn more modalities every year. I am certified in Pediatric and Infant massage as well as Kinesiology Taping.

As of August 2016 Ive also recieved my certification in Oncology Massage Therapy. An oncology massage is a client-specific, customized massage session designed to meet the unique and changing needs of someone in treatment for cancer or with a history of cancer treatment.

For the last 5 years it has been my mission to never stop learning and never stop improving my practice. I tailor the massage to meet your needs. If your looking for specific area pain relief from an injury  I have just the technique to for you. 

I will provide you with gentle touch that will ease your body as well as your mind.  If your stressed, depressed, fed up with life and need general relaxation or a great escape, it is my honor to serve you. 

Almost 30 and still looking good 😎_#Cle

Drew's Story

My name is Drew Moss Certified Aromatherapist and Holistic Health Practioner. I wanted to share with you how Aromatherapy has not only changed my life but has opened up doors to worlds I never even imagined.

My journey started in 2011. Prior to being an certified aromatherapist I had spent almost ten years in the corporate world attempting to climb the corporate ladder to what I believed to be "success". I had worked for several large telecom business helping train customers and employees on how to resolve customer service issues. I did everything from over the phone tech support/customer service, to managing entire teams, to training classes of 20+ employees. The pay was decent, I had great benefits, I had taken trips all over the country...For a young man in his late teens early 20's it was a great gig.

In 2011 I was working as a over the phone manager when I developed a rare condition known as Reoccurring Respiratory Papalamatosis, this disease develops papillomas on my throat and vocal cords making it difficult to speak and to breathe. Its a rare disease that is typically seen in children but a even smaller percentage seen in adults. I had visited a variety of ear nose and throat specialists that had all sorts of theories and inaccurate diagnosis. I had so many therapies and procedures recommended that it was beyond overwhelming. In addition to that my employer of 4 years had informed me that even though they had worked with me for several months that they would have to let me go. I was crushed but understood their point. It was time for a change.

My world felt like it was collapsing around me; little did I know, it was just beginning. A few days of being unemployed, depressed, and due to internet "research" scared to death, I remember a voice...or more like a feeling...that I needed to take this seriously and take matters in to my own hands. A friend of mine suggested I check out a workshop on essential oils. Man was I not ready for that. So my mother, (who had just got her license in and opened her own massage therapy practice), and I hoped in the car drove 3 hours south to a small town in a small welcome center filled with chairs, 1 massage table, a TV cart and bunch of  bizarre smells that I never smelt before. A man begins his 30 minute presentation and then demonstrated what the oils are how they work and eventually started to give examples of how relaxing they can be applied with a massage.

At the start of his presentation I was full of doubt. There was NO way a few drops of this liquid was going to do anything to me. In order for me to wake up I would drink up to 24 oz of Red Bull and to relax I would drink a 12 pack of beer. You're trying to tell me a few drops of this stuff is going to equal that? Yeah. Right… Then he applied Peppermint and Orange to my back and to my feet...within seconds I notice my muscles relax, my sinuses open up, and all of a sudden I feel like I've drink that very red bull. And it was that moment I knew there was something to this something I needed to pay attention to.

Shortly after that I attended a health and wellness fair with 2 friends. Once again I walked in to this space full of doubt. Ill never forget the moment I walked in...they wanted me to pay $10 to walk in to a space that smelled like hippies and had all sorts of weirdoes running around. It was like comic con for hippies I told myself. (Patchouli and Palo Santo if you're wondering what a hippie smells like)
Within 20 minutes of walking in a little girl approached me and said to me Hi My name is (Emily ? Cant really remember) and I was a Reiki master in my past life and is this life I've completed my Reiki 1 and selling these bracelets to save up for my Reiki 2... HUH? PAST LIFE? RAY KEY?!? What in the world is this child talking about?
But something told me to buy the bracelet anyways and move on. Eventually a hour later I had been sucked into a new world of healing that I never knew existed. Oils and Crystals and Chakras and People holding hands above one another manipulating energy?!?!? This place is crazy. But by the end of it I not only was awakened to the idea of holistic healing but once again I knew I had to get involved with these oils.

Eventually I joined up with a "direct sales/network marketing" company that offered their oils online or through a membership. You invested into a startup kit with 10-12 oils and after those are gone you reorder monthly. I did this for about 3-6 months and was really amazed by the difference it was making in my life. I was sleeping better, working out easier, more relaxed, but still focused and alert it was great. Soon I was made aware you could make money with these products by sharing them with others and if they signed up for a membership under you, you would make money on every order they made. It was the perfect world right? . I used my skills as a corporate trainer to start doing workshops on the oils and getting people to interact with them.

Within 2 years I built a team of over 40 people in my down line and each of them had people enrolled under them. I was making this company almost $4000 a month and had some good checks coming back my way I was well known around my city as the oil guy.  

As my success grew that health fair stuck in my mind. There was something about it. All of those people, together, in one place with one intent: to improve their quality of life naturally. It was inspiring. I knew my area needed one. So I reached out to the organizer of the one I went to and with their blessing I built my own: The Siouxland Homeopathic and Holistic Health Fair (mouth full right?) We had 15 businesses get together to offer products and services to the people in our area and maybe 50-75 people attended. During this event I met a lady who was an "old school" aromatherapist and after overhearing my sales pitches (which at the time I considered to be all facts) she pulled me aside and corrected some of my statements and informed me the information I was presenting was inaccurate (like adding oil to water and drinking it for example).

I was crushed. My ego took a serious blow. Here I was thinking I was helping people naturally and really this old witch doctor is accusing me of doing more harm than good. So I started doing my own research outside of the material given to me by my company. Turns out that old witch doctor was correct and I was immediately overcome by guilt and shame. What was I going to do? A Ignore the lady and keep making my money or B Seek out a Certified Aromatherapist to teach me the proper ways to use these gifts from the earth.
That's when the universe stepped in...I was on my way to the Mayo hospital; after trying a few doctors locally for my condition I was encouraged to try the Mayo Hospital. The team up there was amazing they took care of me even though I was having up to 4-5 surgeries a year. I had told them about the oils and they were open to me using them as a complementary therapy, which at the time was unheard of.

Anyway while on my way up to my 10 or 12th surgery that voice/feeling hit me again. Find an aromatherapist in this area. Pull out your phone and start searching. I came across this well known online program and then this local practioner by the name of Dr Christina who had just so happened to be hosting a Aromatherapy Certification in Rochester MN (where the Mayo is located) a few months down the road. Upon researching her some more I learn she also practices that Reiki thing the little girl spoke on and had lots of additional certifications under her belt. I felt spirit say That's The One Reach Out!  So of course I did and it just so happens she had two spots left. So I quickly enrolled.


One week before the event the owner of the venue that Christina was hosting the certification at was unavailable and the class could no longer be hosted there. So Doctor C offered me her online series. It wouldn't be as hands on but she was willing to work with me from afar. Of course I agreed and setup a schedule for me to sit down 3 nights a week to work on my level 1 certification as an aromatherapist. Soon I felt like I would be the pro and would be taking my business to whole new level.

I will never forget that first week. Within 10 (class) hours EVERYTHING I knew about essential oils had for better or worse been incorrect. I had been advising my team to use the oils topically undiluted as I was led to believe they would get into the blood stream faster...Wrong. I had them drinking the oils with water so that it would be get in to the blood faster than inhalation...WRONG. I told them there were only 3 oil companies they could pick from and mine was the purest...Wrong. I told my team that by adding oils to their bath undiluted it would help them detox faster...WRONG. That Frankincense oil would cure cancer in just a few drops....WRONG.

Once again I was crushed. Here I had spent 2 years of my life building this team, teaching these people about these oils, they trusted and looked to me for guidance and this entire time I had misled and misguided them because I myself was misled. I knew something had to be done so I began doing re-trainings to correct my team on the unsafe practices I had passed on to them. Eventually I was confronted by someone within the company as I was contradicting the training material that was to be used. So once again I had a choice to make money or to teach my community safe and effective usage. Thanks to Dr C I chose the path of safe and effective usage. I stopped my monthly ordering which closed out the paycheck side of the business and eventually I discontinued ordering from this company entirely.

By this point Christina has opened my eyes to over 40 different essential oil providers and gave me the tools to find even more. She turned me on to safety experts like Robert Tisserand, Jean Valnet, Dr Pappas and more. And for the first time in 3 years I actually felt like I was actually educated on how to these gifts from the earth.

After losing my space in the corporate world I was working part time at my moms massage practice. I would work her front desk scheduling her clients, accepting payment, and doubled as IT support. Before I came along she was taking appointments on a paper calendar, had no way to accept CC payments etc...I used my IT knowledge to reinvent the business and bring it out of the 90s into the 2000's. But now that I was studying with Dr C I felt slightly empowered to start making our own in house blends. My first blend? That's right Peppermint and Orange. Had to start back at the beginning. Clients would get up and comment on how alert and awake they felt, they could breathe better and muscles hurt less. That was it. I knew this is what I would be doing for the rest of my life. So you think the story would end there right? Not even close. Eventually I completed my level 1 aromatherapy certification, 75 hours of formal education in the world of Aromatherapy and a member of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy. 1 of only 3 in my state and The only male in 4 states practicing Aromatherapy Professionally.

We also had our 2nd annual Siouxland Holistic Health Expo...those 15 vendors we had? Turned in to 35 those 50 attendees turned in to 150 and I decided that it was finally time to step into my light and own my role as a certified aromatherapist. That year I presented on Safe and Effective Usage of Essential Oils and guess who showed up? Over half of my direct sales team. They not only came to support me but came to relearn. It was so humbling- here I had unintentionally misled these people but because of their believe in me they were back for more. And guess what else happened. One of the founders of the original health fair I attended was there, heard about my presentation and asked me to come speak at THE Original Expo that I was inspired by. Talk about coming full circle. I knew that God/Universe was calling me into this role and for the first time in almost 5 years I was where I was supposed to be.

It was also during this time I developed our own line of handcrafted blends known as MSM Botanicals. After I left the direct sales company I still had a constant demand from our clients for these healing blends. They were hooked and it was all my fault. I started ordering from a few companies Dr C had turned me on to and started carrying their blends. They were great but after a few months I had realized once again I was still helping to build someone else's dream instead of my own. That's when I decided I would start making my own blends and selling them. If these other aromatherapist were able to make and sell blends with the same knowledge I have...why shouldn't I?

So MSM Botanicals was born. My first generation of blends were ROUGH. I still have a bottle or two on my display shelf just to look back and chuckle. Some of the blends were overpowering, the labels looked like something out off a crayola box and I would forget to write my steps down so no batch was the same. It was embarrassing in hindsight but they were mine. At that same health fair that had inspired me not only did I present to a crowd of 40 people; I sold over $200 of my own blends. I felt untouchable. Once again a sign that I was on the right track.

However their was something from Dr C's level 1 certification that stuck in my mind. She basically educated us on even though essential oils can be powerful tools for healing, they work best when combined with another healing practice/therapy like Massage, Chiropractic and Energy Work-That Reiki stuff that kept popping up in my life. What in the world is this Reiki and is energy work even real or was it a placebo for weak people?

So while I was at this health fair I got my first 20 Minute Reiki treatment. (I was looking for the little girl but she wasn't there) So I sat down in a massage chair, they put headphones on me told me to close my eyes and relax. Within a minute or two I feel this overwhelming sensation, this high vibration run down my spine into my stomach. I feel like heaviness is being pulled from my body and I start to see a kaleidoscope of colors. After I got done the guy gave me a very personal message pertaining to a bad relationship I was in and it almost brought me to tears. I hugged this random man profusely and left there once again a changed man.


So I reflected on learning Reiki and once again that feeling/voice spoke to me again saying "Either you build someone else's dream or you build your own" and I knew...oh boy here we go again...better not ignore it its taken you this far. So I took Reiki 1 with Veronica Ludewig, a good friend and co-organizer of the first Health Fair I went to. Once again full circle. During my attunement I felt that feeling again and I finally figured out, for the first time in almost 4 years, that "feeling" that "voice"…It was Spirit. Spirit had been guiding me the entire time. It pulled me out of that toxic corporate world to do what I do best help people find ways to help themselves. It was reveled to me that this is exactly what I was supposed to be doing that this is what I was placed here to do and I have an entire spirit team backing me, watching me, and supporting me. It broke me down to my core and rebuilt me all with in one afternoon. I was now a vessel for healing and to quote Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility. I was about to change my personal world, my professional world and the world of my community.

I now had people coming in daily looking for recommendations for this and how to make DIYs for that. But something still felt missing I felt like I had just laid the foundation for my education and still had work to do. So I enrolled in to Dr Christina's Level 2 Aromatherapy Certification Program. over 200 hours I would need to complete. Oh boy this was going to be a challenge but look what I had been able to build with the tools I had been given so far. Just imagine what I could achieve if I stepped my game up. So I enrolled and sure enough it took me through the next chapter of the world of healing. I was introduced to Biochemistry and had to start learning things like constituents, the building blocks of the oils, how aromatherapy is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, How Manifestation works and how essential oils could be used to help manifest what you want and for me the most important thing I got from Level 2 was 2 things. 1 How essential oils can be used to enhance Reiki 2. How to let my intuition guide me when developing my blends and when using oils in my practice.

Before I would pick a health issue: Research a list of oils, Check the safety precaution on each oil, Check the benefit of each oil and then after all write my blend down and then use my pendulum to see if they were the right fit.  It was exhausting and tiring and a waste of energy. After a mix of Reiki training and Dr C's modules on Energetic Healing and Spiritual Healing I can now walk in to my lab with a health concern in mind and intuition picks the oils out, I write it down, I check and then double check safety contradictions verify the blend is safe for my client/intended usage I make a small sample and then if its successful I add it to our MSM Botanical Line up.

And now its getting to a point where I don't even have to have the oil around sometimes a health concern is mentioned or brought up and before I can even have a chance to think Spirit gives some recommendations and sure enough they are spot on. In fact just 3 weeks before writing this I received a download from spirit on a complete line of Chakra oils. I've been trying to develop these for over a year, problem is  I was trying to develop them from a place of science- from an analytic perspective- energetic blends don't work like that. You can use that approach when making pain blends or respiratory blends etc.
But when it comes to intuitive/energy/spiritual work you have to let the oils call to you and be still enough to hear them. After multiple fails and frustrations I finally said you know what I'm going to come back to this, started working on a new project and about 2 months later during a self Reiki session a download came through and sure enough 7 new blends in 3 days. It was like my body was literally a vessel for something else. They just came pouring out of no where I could barely keep up. Id write one down make a sample let it sit, move on to the next one let it set and so on. 2 days later I had a new line of Chakra Balancing oils developed, bottled, labeled and ready to go. We now offer them for diffusion and for topical use. Within 1 day we sold over 50 bottles and they are still flying off the self.

During my level 2 certification I had another calling to complete Reiki 2 and later on add Reflexology to my tool belt. Reiki 2 helped empower me to finally step in to my role as a healing facilitator, I was no longer a scared rookie who was only offering this gift to friends and family voluntarily. No it was time to get off the bench and start using my tools to help our clients. So I began incorporating Reiki and Aromatherapy into my practice and the results were powerful. A few months later my mother encouraged me to check out reflexology. Once again my hard headiness's prevailed- I told her I will NEVER touch feet for a living. Gross. Sure enough within 2 weeks I start seeing reflexology everywhere- on Doctor Oz, Dr Axe, in my Aromatherapy groups, then while performing Reiki on a client I see a Foot Map with chakra colored veins running through the foot. I knew this wasn't for my client but was for me. So I enrolled with the American Academy of Reflexology by Bill Flocco. I was in room with 7 massage therapist and me the son of massage therapist and an aromatherapist. That was some of the toughest training for me to date as I had NO experience in bodywork only energy work.
But after I completed the program I began combining Reiki Reflexology and Aromatherapy into my practice and the results have been nothing but powerful to date. I've worked on everyone from babies, to mistreated women, athletes, cancer survivors and the most humbling End Of Life patients.

Each day I get to wake up and make a difference in peoples lives in ways they never expected. And I know in my heart of hearts that NONE of this would've been possible if the universe hadn't guided me towards Christina. She not only created the Aromatherapist in me but gave me the tools and the inspiration to be a holistic health practioner, sure the curiosity has always been there but Christina saw my potential, helped me to see it, and challenged me to not only see my role as a healing facilitator but to own it as well.

Now I use my gifts to pay it forward by inspiring others and helping them find their role in the world of healing. Every time someone asks about why I became a aromatherapist I think about this journey and smile bc 2 drops of essential oil changed my entire life…just think what they can do for you.



Lovies Story

Hello! My name is Lovie Girl and I am the official mascot/team manager/greeter for Main Street Massage. My job duties include: Greeting each person with a friendly hello, Getting treats on demand (or so I think) and my most important task ...Sleeping lots and lots of sleeping! I have been working at Main Street Massage for over 5 years! Do you have any idea how long that is in dachshund years?!? And do you think they've thrown me ONE anniversary party?

_Nope Of course not! Anyway if you're wondering about these Drew and Helen people they are 2 of the best owners any pet could have. They also take care of people pretty good too... they are hardworking and passionate at what they do. Everyone that walks in the office comes in whining and leaves with their tails wagging!

I hope to see you soon! And dont forget to bring a treat!


Lovies Story

Hello! My name is Lovie Girl and I am the official mascot/team manager/greeter for Main Street Massage. My job duties include: Greeting each person with a friendly hello, Getting treats on demand (or so I think) and my most important task ...Sleeping lots and lots of sleeping! I have been working at Main Street Massage for over 8 years! Do you have any idea how long that is in dachshund years?!? And do you think they've thrown me ONE anniversary party?_Nope Of course not! Anyway if you're wondering about these Drew and Helen people they are 2 of the best owners any pet could have. They also take care of people pretty good too... they are hardworking and passionate at what they do. Everyone that walks in the office comes in whining and leaves with their tails wagging!

I hope to see you soon! And dont forget to bring a treat!


Lovies Story

Hello! My name is Lovie Girl and I am the official mascot/team manager/greeter for Main Street Massage. My job duties include: Greeting each person with a friendly hello, Getting treats on demand (or so I think) and my most important task ...Sleeping lots and lots of sleeping! I have been working at Main Street Massage for over 5 years! Do you have any idea how long that is in dachshund years?!? And do you think they've thrown me ONE anniversary party?

_Nope Of course not! Anyway if you're wondering about these Drew and Helen people they are 2 of the best owners any pet could have. They also take care of people pretty good too... they are hardworking and passionate at what they do. Everyone that walks in the office comes in whining and leaves with their tails wagging!

I hope to see you soon! And dont forget to bring a treat!