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MSM Botancial Blends

These handcrafted essential oil blends were developed by our in house Certified Aromatherapist. They are designed to help you manage your moods and improve the quality of life around you.
The therapeutic qualities of an essential oil and its chemical makeup are carefully considered when formulating blends.

Himalayan Salt Products
Below is a complete line up of our  Hima alyan Salt Products. Each picture contains additional information. Click on the image for more details/to order

Household Products Made With Essential Oils

Do you enjoy a clean house hold but hate the smell of chemicals? Do you prefer to live a lifestyle of celan living? If so our in house line of Celaning/Sanitizing products are designed with you in mind! Learn More Below 

Chakra Blends
(Under Construction)


What are they? Whats all the Hype? How do they work?
Chakras are subtle energy centers that intersect with our mind, body, and spirit.

These chakras are located along our spine in ascending order from base (located between the hips) to the Crown (located on top of/above the head). When our chakras are in balance our natural energy flows smoothly creating a sense of overall wellbeing.

In addition to being energetic centers the chakras are believed to be linked to functional aspects of the physical body.  It is believed that if one chakra is out of alignment it can lead to physical manifestations which result in Dis-ease in the body.  By using a variety of natural tools (Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Ayurveda, & more) we can restore balance to these centers within our body restoring balance to the mind body and spirit.

These blends were created with the intention to balance your chakras and promote healing. Each blend has been handcrafted and each oil has been hand picked for their energetic and physical properties. They are also infused with Reiki providing additional energetic support.


Each blend has been labeled and color coded so you know exactly what Chakra they are for.


5ml Diffuser blends are only 10.00 OR get an entire set for only $60.00

TenderCare Remedies
(Under Constrtuction)

Our latest addition to the MSM Botanical Line up is our TenderCare Line of Essential Oil Blends. These blends are created with children, the elderly, and those who are sensitive to essential oils in general in mind. They are simple recipes that are safe yet effective. 

Topical Blends

Did you know that essentials oils can not only bring relief to the mind but the body as well? Its true for hundreds of years Essential Oils/Plant based oils have been used in everything from Pain management, cuts and bruises and especially in skincare. When used properly EO's have amazing therapeutic properties topically (on the skin).
However its extremely important to do proper research and follow strict dilution guidelines to develop a safe and effective remedy. With your safety and the therapeutic properties of each oil in mind, these pre diluted blends are developed with your relief in mind. Check them out below.


Pain and First Aide

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Mood Management

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